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    nCino's Small Business Banking Solution

    Drive Innovation. Deliver a Best in Class Experience.

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    Automating the Future of Small Business Banking

    Increase profitability of loans
    85% reduction in time to deliver loan decisions
    Automate and streamline workflow
    Reduce customer opportunity costs
    Increase loan volume and staff efficiency

    Small business owners are looking for credit and access to funds fast. They also want a digital lending and deposit account opening experience without having to visit the branch. Many financial institutions do not have the technology to support quick lending processes or the digital channels customers expect. nCino's Small Business Banking Solution breaks down barriers, offering a single platform that supports financial institutions and small and medium business owners with deposit account opening, onboarding, digital application, automated decisioning, digital document management and portfolio management. This gives financial institutions a competitive edge to mitigate risk and automate the lending process—reducing time to fund from weeks to days, hours and minutes. nCino facilitates a streamlined, dynamic user experience that exceeds customer expectations in the small business banking relationship, providing a loan application and deposit account opening process that can be completed entirely online and be accessible anytime, anywhere and on any digital device.

    Experience the Power of a True Single Platform

    Phone running nCino Bank Operating System
    Deposit Account Opening
    A standard workflow can be configured to open business accounts online or in-branch.
    Document Management
    A configurable, integrated digital document repository allowing instant access to any document, incorporating an institution's policies.
    Loan Origination System
    An embedded, best-in-class loan origination system designed to streamline loan processing and reduce time to approval.
    Credit Analysis
    A suite of tools designed to reduce the overall turnaround time for credit delivery and improve credit and risk assessments.
    nCino's configurable platform allows institutions to fulfill regulatory compliance policies as well as global, local and federal regulations.
    Customer Onboarding
    Onboard customers and conduct needs assessments with streamlined workflow preconfigured with an institution's business processes.
    Online Applications
    Enables financial institutions to establish and configure applications to be completed online by customers and/or employees.
    Small Business Administration (SBA) Solution
    An embedded solution designed to optimize the 7(a) loan process by digitizing paper, eliminating manual processes, simplifying data entry and providing real-time transparency.
    Integrates with a financial institution's core and other existing systems, providing a consolidated 360° View of loan operations and customer relationship data.
    Customer Engagement
    Customers can access a state-of-the-art portal that gives them a digital channel to apply for loans, products and services, a 24/7 gateway to information regarding the status of their loans, and the ability to easily upload required documentation.
    "nCino will deliver a holistic view of our client relationships from the convenience of one platform, allowing us to present more timely, personalized offerings and better meet clients' financial needs."
    Mike Boyd, Director of Strategic Risk Initiatives at IberiaBank

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